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So, why do you blog? Blogging builds credibility and allows you to forge a deep connection with your customers. Blogging is your time to loosen the necktie, take off your power suit and just be YOU. Transparency creates trust and your blog is the perfect platform to establish this. However, it is a commitment. An extension of social media, blogging requires consistency and frequency for success. If you decide to blog, make a commitment to follow through with it. Otherwise, the choice could hurt your business more than help it. Also, identify what you want to gain from your blogging. Do you want to use it as communication tool to connect with your customers? Do you want to build a following? Or, would you like to use it to build another stream of revenue for your business? These are all viable reasons to start a blog, but make sure you have a reason. The last reason to start a blog is just because it’s trendy and everybody else is doing it. First, determine how it will best serve you, then make the decision to start.

The Word Stylist team works with our clients to craft meaningful, engaging content to help you meet your objective for your blog, whether it is branding or building a following. If you are interested in starting a blog for your business or giving your existing blog more direction, contact one of our team members today to schedule a consult.

Social Media Marketing

We live in global marketplace today and social media is partly to blame.

It has created virtual opportunities for businesses all over the world erasing geographical boundaries. With the passage of time, the dominance of social media grows, meaning if you don’t have presence on social media, your business will be invisible. How are you currently engaging on social media? Does the thought of posting daily and weekly seem overwhelming to you?

It doesn’t have to. Like your business, each social media platform is unique. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to be on all of them! You do need to identify which platforms closely match your needs and build a content marketing campaign around those. Word Stylist works with our clients to first educate them on social media to help them understand what activities make the most sense for the goals they are trying to achieve. For example, if you’re new to social media, the last platform we’d suggest getting started with is Twitter. It’s fast moving feed is overwhelming to anyone not accustomed to posting consistently and engaging with their audience. We’ll help you slowly dip your toe in the water while maximizing your investment and time commitment.

Book a consult with us today to see how we can help you.

Social Media Services Mindy
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Email Marketing

Your customers like to hear from you. They want to know what’s new with your company, new products you’re offering and events you have coming up. They like to receive tips and advice on things that will make their life better or just make them smile. Email is a great medium to do this. Your customers are busy professionals so to earn their business, you must stay top of mind. Email marketing is a non-invasive way to stay in front of your customers consistently and tactfully.

The Word Stylist team will partner with you to devise the best email marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. Whether you want to craft a monthly or quarterly newsletter or launch a higher frequency campaign, our expert team will help you build an email marketing plan to imprint your brand on the mind of your customers.

Web Content

Your website is the lens through which everyone sees your business. If someone wants to learn more about who you are and what you do, the first place they will go is your website. How clearly are your services and products communicated? Are you using language that is easy to understand and free of industry jargon? As the business owner, it is easy to write your web content through your own lens, assuming that your audience knows more than they do. When crafting content for your website, put yourself in your customer's shoes. Simplify your language. What do you have that can serve their needs? Why do they need your services, and if they need your services, why should they choose you? Your website should provide enough information to provoke your visitors to want to speak with you about how you can address their specific needs. They should never have to guess what you do. If they have to guess, you've already lost the business. Keep in mind that web visitors stay on your site less than 30 seconds, unless you give them a compelling reason to stick around. Our team can help you craft engaging web copy to keep people on your site long enough to make an informed decision.

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