Derek Stevens

Derek Stevens

Business Manager

I am the other half of our Chief Word Stylist, the yin to her yang. A balanced blend of creative and analytics, I can see the vision of what our team is trying to accomplish and work with them to assemble a plan. I work with our team to manage the growth and strategic plan to back up our overall vision. My career actually began in the childcare industry. I learned this business before I graduated high school and managed operations of various academies for over half of my career. I understand all the intricacies that makes a business work. I’ve spent the second half of my career in banking and finance, enabling me to keep the business balanced and profitable.

I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife, and our dog Ladybug. I love taking on DIY projects around the house. It’s not uncommon for Nakita to come home and find me immersed in a newfound project. I’ve been collecting comic books since I was a kid and love following all the comic book series in the movies. I love kids and look forward to building a family of my own one day soon.

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