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Posts by Nakita Rowell-Stevens

Who Am I? #5

Let me spin you a tale. I was born July 31, 1965 in Yate, England. My early life was definitely considered normal without any unique circumstances. It was not until I graduated from the University of Exeter that I decided to go my own way, or at least thought about it. For example, when I…

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Who Am I? The First Three Reveals!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay, but here are the answers to out first “Who Am I?” segments! The answer to Who Am I? is….. . . . . . . Stephen King! The answer to Who Am I? #2 is…. . . . . . . Jim Carrey! And finally, the answer to Who Am…

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Who Am I? #3

Before I start with the soundtrack, let me set up the story. Born in Brooklyn, New York  on December 4, 1969, my childhood was spent in one of the worst parts of the city. From a young age, I used hip-hop as a means of escape. As I grew older, I was influenced by drugs…

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Who Am I? #2

Let me start by telling a story: On January 17, 1962, I was born Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Ever since I learned how to wobble around and poop in my pants, I’ve made people happy. You can also say I was a bit of a class clown back then. At 15 years old, before I even…

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Who Am I?

In September of 1947, I was born in Portland, Maine and enjoyed an early life with my parents and my older brother. It was a happy life until I was two years old. One day, my father left our family…and never came back. Times were hard financially for my mother, my brother, and myself. We…

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